The Vision Room is our latest big project in Amsterdam.
It’s a permanent exhibition of Hi-Fi Mystery School art in our own gallery.
What can you experience:

  • our Sacred Geometry Art
  • Geometrical Lightobjects
  • our movie “22:The Light Codes” with homemade music in 432Hz (Shown in our mini cinema in Ultra HD quality)


Watch the American trailer of our movie “22:The Light Codes” below


5D Virtual Reality Experience, the future of experiencing Sacred Geometry!

In this Virtual Reality session you will wear futuristic glasses. With these glasses you can view 360 degrees around you in super 3D! Together with special headphones you will be taken on a journey through and in new channeled sacred geometrical objects and structures (all channeled by Jeroen van Meeteren). The soundscapes and music, in specific frequencies, which are tuned to the images, will make the journey complete. With this virtual reality session we are exploring new boundaries of experiencing sacred geometry and sound!

See Location/Hours for information about how to reach us, among other things.